Red Pitaya Multichannel Analyser

A fresh Multichannel Analyser app for the Red Pitaya.

Image of MCA app

This is a web application that can be run on the Red Pitaya single board computer. It supports the STEMLAB-10 and STEMLAB-14 running OS version 0.97+.

The FPGA program is taken from Pavel Demin’s red-pitaya-notes repository so he deserves most of the credit.

The interface is responsive — try it on your phone!


Access your Red Pitaya (replace rp-??? with the address on the sticker):

ssh root@rp-???

Clone the reposity:

git clone

Set up environment variables:

export INSTALL_DIR=/opt/redpitaya

Enter the directory, build, and install:

cd redpitaya-multichannelanalyser
make install

You should now have a new application on your Red Pitaya’s home screen.