Will Thompson

I am a student of Physics and
Computer Science, Studying at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

My interests lie in the intersection of Physics, Computer Science, Hardware, and Science in general.

I enjoy working on projects that involve automating hardware and using it to collect, store, and analyze data.

In particular, I enjoy creating compelling visualizations to communicate experimental results.

Personal Projects



FuelE.co is a Windows 10 Universal Platform application I am creating in collaboration with Scott Killeen for Microsoft's Imagine Cup. The app, running on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, connects to your car wirelessly over Bluetooth to display real-time and historical fuel efficiency data to drivers using compelling visualizations.


xml-rpc.js is a JavaScript library I created to make it easy to connect a web interface to Python applications that may not have been written with the web in mind. It allows JavaScript running in your web browser to seamlessly execute functions running inside a traditional Python application and receive results.

Intel Edison Weather Station

This is an application I wrote that connects to an Intel Edison prototyping board and records current weather conditions from a number of sensors. The application displays real-time data using Node.js and HTML5 WebSockets.



Lab Equipment Automation

Automationg lab equipment has become something of a specialty of mine.

I have worked with hardware from Keysight, Agilent, Tektronix, Exfo, and many more, and created libraries to control a wide variety of hardware, ranging from simple power-supplies and relays, to wavelength-selective switches, optical spectrum analysers, and 20GHz oscilloscopes.

Automating lab equipment speeds up the experimental process, improves the quality of results, and improves repeatability. For institutions paying for expensive per-seat LabView licenses, a custom solution can also significantly reduce costs.

Some instruments I have automated:
Power Supplies Optical Amplifiers
Oscilloscopes Bit Error Rate Testers
Optical Spectrum Analysers Variable Optical Attenuators
Digital Multimeters Electronic Relays

Scientific Computation

I have gained experience with scientific computation in private industry and academic settings. I have created N-body simulations, and automated the collections and analysis of exprimental data.

I am familiar with MATLAB, and experienced with scientific Python.

Web Application Development

I have extensive experience with core web technologies ranging from front end development languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, to server-side application environments built in PHP and Perl.

I have designed, built, and supported web applications with large user bases that use the Model-View-Controller design pattern in conjunction with modern web technologies to enable dynamic single-page experiences that feel like native applications.

Some technologies I have experience with:
CSS3 Perl & Python MS SQLServer
Javascript & jQuery XML & JSON LAMP Stacks
AJAX Java IIS 7.5

Automated Regression Testing

I have worked as a student in the field of automated regression testing for a number of years, devloping software to test and catalog data from embeded firmware and telecom applications according to specified test plans and cases.

The solutions I have helped to create include the storage, visualization, and analysis of test results and performance data.

Some technologies I have experience with:
Firmware configuration & testing Multi-party test automation for telecommunication Log-file processing
Bit-Error-Rate testing Network configuration Web dashboards for test coverage & results
Control of lab equipment Congestion emulation Results spreadsheets with pivot tables & graphics



Aside from science & technology, my other intrests include outdoor pursuits, astronomy, and astrophotography. I am an executive member of the Queen's University Outdoors Club, the second largest club on campus with almost four hundred members. I am the communications officer, and lead student trips throughout Ontario, Quebec, and the North-Eastern United States.